Case Studies

Case studies of our customer projects

Read our case studies and find out where and how our pipe system is used.

Cramer-Mühle KG

For the transport of grain and flour as well as the extraction of dusts, Cramer-Mühle KG employed the reliable modular pipework system of JACOB.

The Sealed Air Corporation

Machines for cutting, welding or coating with a special anti-stick powder are particularly prone to generating industrial dust, which is extracted from work processes through the JACOB pipework system.


At Bühler's Bakery Innovation Center (BIC), pipe and press-formed components by JACOB were used in the areas of pipe systems for bulk material and exhaust air aspiration.


For Südzucker, JACOB has worked in collaboration with its distributor, mill and silo construction specialist Kastenmüller, to develop a custom permanent distribution system.


Tayto makes numerous pack formats and uses the modular pipework system from JACOB to quickly direct the bagged product to the appropriate multi-packing machines.

Orca GmbH

Orca's sterilisation technique based on UV light is used to inactivate bacteria and prevent germ accumulation. The equipment is integrated inside stainless-steel pipes made by JACOB.

Extraction of oil mist

The central extraction system in the company’s production halls was installed using JACOB’s pipework for extracting the exhaust air within the machine and for the ducts between the machine and the filter.

Bühler & Rosenmühle

Bühler relies on JACOB’s modular pipework system to transport the wheat to the various grain processing machines.

Artisan Coffee Group

Artisan Coffee Group uses JACOB components when installing and maintaining roasters and afterburners. The QUICK CONNECT pull-ring makes it easier for the employees to clean the roasters.

GED Chutes

For a safe and reliable solution to the transfer of dirty linen in a hygienic environment, GED Chutes relies on stainless steel pipework from JACOB for their laundry chute solutions.


For the disposal building in the Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power plant, the Nickel company installed a replacement nuclear ventilation system using the JACOB pipe system.
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