The Sealed Air Corporation

The Project

The Sealed Air Corporation – specialising in packaging systems and product protection – has all the latest machinery and equipment. Their quest for new production units for packaging films was targeted at producing a new generation of vacuum packaging films for foodstuffs. Machines for cutting, welding or coating with a special anti-stick powder are particularly prone to generating industrial dust, which is extracted from work processes through a system of pipework. The dust filtration specialists IMEX Filtertechnika Kft. based in Sopron in Hungary were tasked with engineering, delivering and installing the entire plant. The pipework system was delivered by JACOB.

The Execution

Jacob supported IMEX Filtertechnika right from the planning stage. CAD models of the components required for the pipework system were supplied for the design process in a 3D environment. The JACOB pipework system met the stringent quality standards expected when it comes to practical use: leak-tightness in particular is important in this environment. Since there was a risk of explosion through the industrial dust becoming statically charged and igniting due to sparks, the system had to be extremely safe and certified as explosion shock-resistant (to 3 bar). But it was also the fast installation and maintenance friendliness of the QUICK CONNECT principle that endorsed their decision to opt for the JACOB pipework system.

The Unique Aspect

The JACOB modular pipework system in diameters from DN 100 mm to DN 400 mm was used for the entire exhaust air line. For the event of becoming statically charged, JACOB’s innovative earthing bridge was used to ensure that the discharging capacity of the pipework system was afforded as efficiently as possible. This patented and EXAM-certified safety element is simply screwed onto the pull-ring connection. Even as a retrofit job, only a few easy steps are needed to earth the plant without the need for any welding or for interrupting plant operation.

The dedusting plant is designed to have extra explosion relief between the filters and a non-return valve fitted in the pipework system. The pipework elements were therefore designed in part with a loose flange connection. The components used in the modular pipework system in 1.5 mm and 2 mm wall thicknesses range from pipes and special fittings, such as bends, forks, segments and cone pieces, right up to manually operated throttle valves and shut-off valves in a powder-coated finish. These system components were assembled quickly and easily with pull-rings to give a sturdy construction.

The Customer

The Sealed Air Corporation is a globally active manufacturer of packaging materials and systems for protecting and presenting products, and for packaging foodstuffs in industrial and consumer markets. Products manufactured at the Hungarian factory in Újhartyán include films for vacuum food packaging.

Case Study: Sealed Air Corporation

JACOB pipe systems take less time to install than conventional systems. Using the QUICK CONNECT pull ring makes it even faster. This is a great advantage!

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JACOB sets standards in food safety. Our new FOOD GRADE line of products complies with both the European EC 1935/2004 regulations and the American FDA guidelines.

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Foreign particles in a product are not acceptable in many industry sectors. JACOB has succeeded in incorporating minuscule particles in the compound that the gaskets or seals are made of.

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JACOB’s wear protection range extends the service life and in addition the cost-effectiveness of your industrial plants. Various polyurethane linings make the inside of the pipework sections resistant to hard and abrasive substances.

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