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JACOB Tubing Systems – Leading the way in bulk goods handling, dust-extraction and ventilation

JACOB leads the way as the top choice for modular tubing systems, with a focus on versatile solutions encompassing ducting, pipework, duct systems, and pipe components. Our expertise extends to conveying tubing systems for bulk goods handling, as well as dust extraction and ventilation systems, serving various environmental applications like cooling air and exhaust air.

Whether you require modular series-manufactured components or custom-specific solutions tailored to your needs, JACOB provides answers across a wide range of applications.

Behind JACOB's success lies a commitment to top-quality standards, unwavering innovation, and an unyielding dedication to selecting the finest materials. Our profound industry knowledge, customer-centric approach, and experience spanning over 95 years empower us to deliver exceptional solutions. We offer international customer support, outstanding service, and round-the-clock availability to meet your needs.

Bulk Goods Handling
Dust Collection, Extraction and Exhaust Air
Pneumatic Low-Pressure Conveying
Case Study

Artisan Coffee Group has manufactured, rebuilt & installs roasters & afterburners for over 40 years. Artisan Coffee Group has used Jacob Tubing Systems in their installations and maintenance for years. This case study will cover how Artisan Coffee Group uses Jacob Tubing systems with their customers and will visit existing customers using Jacob Tubing Systems in their current operation.

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Artisan Coffee Group with Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, Inc.

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