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At the core of our modular tubing system, Jacob Tubing offers a foundation of excellence. Our certification in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 3834-3 welding quality management system, coupled with our automated welding processes, ensures the highest standards in serial production quality.

Within our comprehensive range, you'll find a versatile selection of components, interchangeably known as pipes, ducts, ducting, pipework, and tubes. These straight tubes come in diameters ranging from 60 mm (2.36 inches) to 630 mm (24.80 inches), featuring a 6 mm (0.24 inches) lip, and are crafted from a range of materials with wall thicknesses spanning 1 mm (0.04 inches) to 3 mm (0.12 inches). For precise information on inside diameters, please refer to Chapter 1, located on page 20.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to meeting your specific needs. Upon your request, we can manufacture custom lengths, provide tubes with flanges, or create finishes tailored to your specifications, to the extent that they are technically feasible. This includes options such as special colors or pickled stainless steel. Your unique requirements are our priority.

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