Das Spannringsystem

The Pull-ring System

Product overview

QUICK CONNECT pull-rings
Pull-rings without sealant
Pull-rings with sealant
Pull-rings one-part with sealant
U-shaped seals
Earthing bridges without contact caps
Earthing bridges with contact caps

Pull-rings are essential components, working hand in hand with U-shaped seals, for secure connections in various systems. These pull-rings are compatible with both tube components and pressed elements, each featuring a 6 mm lip. To meet the diverse requirements of different applications, JACOB offers an extensive standard range, including Jacob Tubing, Quick Connect Clamps, Pipe Clamps, and Tube Clamps, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your connection needs.

Our U-shaped seals are engineered with precision, boasting an ideal profile and crafted from carefully selected materials. This meticulous design results in a host of benefits:

  • Tear-resistant and highly durable, these seals ensure longevity.
  • Compliant with Food Regulations (FOOD GRADE), we prioritize food safety.
  • Thanks to vulcanization, they are resistant to a wide array of aggressive chemicals.
  • Achieve maximum tightness with our seals' optimal profile.
  • Our broad material selection ensures compatibility with various substances.
  • In addition, explore our special materials in the DETECTABLE DESIGN line, which are both metal-detectable and food-grade for added safety and traceability.

Experience the reliability and versatility of Jacob Tubing, Quick Connect Clamps, Pipe Clamps, and Tube Clamps for your tube and component connection needs

The pull-ring system from JACOB

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