Bulk Material Handling

The transport of bulk goods places high demands on the tubing system. Especially in the food industry or in the production of sensitive products, the quality and safety of the transported goods must not be endangered.

When it comes to particularly abrasive goods, excellent wear protection is important to increase the durability of your tubing system. Because of this, the profitability of industrial plants is improved and downtimes are minimized as less repair work is required. And due to the modularity of the JACOB tubing system, individual parts can be quickly and easily replaced, whenever necessary.

The standard range of JACOB Tubing Systems offers the necessary variety and flexibility for you to design your tubing system individually for your area of ​​application. JACOB tube elements are ideal for use in the food or pharmaceutical industry and, thanks to our pull-ring system, can be exchanged quickly and easily. In addition, our wear protection program offers the necessary safeguarding against abrasive media.

JACOB tubing elements are of outstanding quality. We have this confirmed to us on a regular basis within the framework of certifications – which you can find in our download area.

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Certified tubing systems

Bulk Goods Handling: Areas of application for JACOB tubing systems

Grains in any form
  • Cereals
  • Concentrated feed
  • Seeds
Food, beverage and tobacco
  • Spices
  • Coffee & Tobacco
  • Sugar
  • Rice
  • Animal feed and pet food
  • Confectionery
Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics
  • Polyamides
  • Intermediate products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Granulate
Fast and flexible assembly of the bulk goods system

The QUICK CONNECT pull-ring is extremely easy to fit and its high-quality design gives the tubing system a high degree of stability and tightness. The QUICK CONNECT pull-rings are designed to securely connect the standard lipped ends of the tubes and the U-shaped-seal. In contrast to conventional connections, this system can be easily and quickly dismantled, changed and reassembled, without sacrificing quality.


Highest Standards for Bulk Goods in sensitive Industries

Only products that are ideal for transporting hygiene-sensitive products carry our FOOD GRADE label. Our FOOD GRADE line is a modular stainless-steel tubing system consisting of over 3,000 products that meet the high requirements of the food industry. Our engineering experts have carefully tested all components coming into contact with food and optimised their design and material. Our FOOD GRADE product line fulfils both the European regulation EG1935/2004 and the American FDA food directive.

More about FOOD GRADE

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DETECTABLE DESIGN offers manufacturers in the food industry or sectors with sensitive goods even more security. All products of the DETECTABLE DESIGN line can be traced with the help of commercially available metal detectors and meet the requirements of EG 1935/2004 and the FDA. Should sealing rings or parts of them accidentally find their way into your production process, for example during routine maintenance, they can be identified by a metal detector and removed immediately.


Individual wear protection for your area of ​​application

There are many applications in industry and agriculture that cause excessive wear in tubing systems. DURABLE DESIGN by JACOB makes tubing elements more resistant to hard and abrasive materials, reduces wear, and thus extends the lifetime of your tube system.

Our new “Cryptane Blue” wear protection lining also ensures that the combined system of wear protection lining and tubing body is electrostatically dissipative.


Why JACOB Tubing Systems is first choice for bulk goods handling

In-house toolmaking

We use special tools and equiptment to manufacture our products. This way, we can always ensure that the optimal equiptment is available for production.

Modern machines

The precision and speed of machines cannot be replaced by “manpower”. That is why we rely on machine support. This allows us not only to produce large quantities, but also to ensure consistently good weld seams and dimensional accuracy.


In addition to our machines and specialty equiptment, we rely on our experienced welders, who have been with us for an average of 16 years – and who have been able to gather a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years.

Quality management

In addition, our quality management department monitors the entire production process so that we can react quickly to problems. The team continuously analyses our processes and products and makes adjustments if necessary.

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