Special manufacture

Product overview Special manufacture pipe elements

Bends R = 2 D 10 bar
Forks 10 bar
Inspection T-pieces 10 bar
Welding ends 10 bar
Welded tubes 10 bar
Pull-rings for angle flange tubing 10 bar

JACOB manufacturing technology stands not only for top quality mass-produced standard parts but also for top quality special part manufacture. From manufacturing product variants and small-lot production right up to made-to-order production to customers’ drawings: You can depend on the comprehensive expertise and many years of experience of our technicians, design engineers and production staff. We also invest in production equipment on an ongoing basis to guarantee the highest possible quality using modern technology.

Distributors / Throttle valves

Dust-tight slide gate

The range of products in the valve and gate section has been extended with the addition of the sealed slide gate. This slide valve is sealed to prevent dust from leaking out. It is used for floury or granular goods in gravity-flow tubing systems.

Louvre valve

The louvre valve is mostly used in tubes that carry hot air. The valve is available with either one or several louvre flaps. Louvre flaps with larger dimensions of 1000 mm or more are used in industrial halls, for example. The size of the valve required depends on the hot air flow capacity. The valve can withstand temperatures of up to 320°C.

Square two-way valves

The square two-way valve is an extension of the design-optimized two-way distributor section. It is used in many industries, including for processing granular materials and distributing bulk goods.

Measurement technology and actuators

Preparation and integration of measurement technology

Our modular tubing system makes it possible to integrate various types of measurement technology. At the customer’s request, we can prepare our modular tubing system for the integration of measurement systems, to measure pressure, temperature or flow rate, for example. We install adapters, transition pieces or other special connection systems in order to facilitate the installation of measurement devices on site. To enable our customers to integrate measurement technology in a modular system as standard, in chapter 3 we offer tubing in 200 mm lengths in a variety of materials and with various spigots.

Actuators and limit switches

With regard to automatic control technology, we offer a wide selection of tried-and-tested drives for two-way distributors and valves and for throttle valves. Whether electrically or pneumatically driven: Our tubing system components can be fitted with many different brands of drive thanks to the DIN EN ISO attachment system. The same applies to a wide range of different mechanical or inductive limit switches.

Venturi tube

Pressure changes through alteration of the speed in a constricted section allow the volumetric flow to be determined. One example of use is in waste management, where other measurement methods are unsuitable due to the presence of aggressive gases.

Wear protection and non-stick protection

Wear protection linings

Besides the JACOB wear protection range, we have numerous materials available in a range of thicknesses for lining our products (from DN 100 mm). Examples of these materials are PUR, Linatex, ceramic, Correx and Philan. With many materials, you have the choice between layer thicknesses of 2, 4, 6 and 8 mm. Thicker layers are possible on request. We are also happy to fulfil special requirements, such as for food grade quality, electrostatic conductivity or higher temperature resistance.

Baffle boxes / Tubes

Baffle boxes can be installed to reduce the speed of abrasive or sensitive bulk goods as they fall, and so lessen their abrasive effect. This increases the lifetime of the tubing and reduces wear on the product. Typically, baffle boxes are installed just upstream of direction changes in gravity-flow downtubes. 

Non-stick protection coating

The addition of a non-stick coating improves the flow properties of dry products that do not tend to flow freely. Examples of these are coffee powder varieties with a high oil content, or products used in the manufacture and recycling of car tyres. This type of coating is typically used in the food industry, mechanical engineering applications, polymer processing and the printing and paper industry. Other lining materials are available on request.

Adapters / Systems

Adapters for connection to the JACOB system

Do you require special transitions or adapter connections for the JACOB tubing system? We have a wide range of adapters and transitions available as standard components. Special customer-specific solutions can also be produced if required. Please refer to here for details of standardised adapters and transitions. These include connecting flanges, together with loose flanges, used as spouts for connecting square sections to round pipes, or used as single round or square flanges for connecting to machine inlets or outlets.

Connector system with internal guide rings

Our connector system with internal guide rings allows you to make virtually step-free transitions to the various pipe components. This is a big advantage if your product is susceptible to problematic turbulent flow at tube transitions. It is suitable as a rule for ensuring that the product is conveyed particularly carefully and gently. The system is used in applications such as extraction tube runsin the tobacco industry or pulp industry. We would be pleased to advise you as to whether this system would be suitable as a specific solution for your particular application.

Exhaust air

Air outlets for roofs

The roof air outlet is used as a connection element for on-roof exhaust components. It consists of a pipe with a circular roof sealing plate. The roof outlets are available in stainless steel and can also be surface-coated if required.

Materials and special finishes

JACOB Tubing Systems offers a large selection of materials and a large number of finishes to adapt our products to the requirements of our customers.
Regardless of whether your tubing system needs a special color or special protection such as against corrosion - JACOB has a solution for almost every area of application.

More information

Tube lengths

Tube lengths of up to 12 m

We produce special tubing up to 12 m in length in diameters of DN 60-300 mm and in different materials with a wall thickness of 1-3 mm. We normally supply tubes in lengths of 6-12 m with untreated and unlipped ends. Tubes of up to 6 m in length can optionally be supplied with lipped ends for quick assembly with JACOB pull-rings. For pipes of up to 12 m in length, we also offer special connections on request.

Shock explosion proof tubing systems 10 bar

Particularly exacting demands for up to 10 bar shock explosion resistance are met by the special range certified by DEKRA EXAM GmbH and/or the Research Society for Applied System Safety and Occupational Medicine. We have dimension sheets available to aid your planning and design work. Test reports are available on request.

More about Shock explosion proof of JACOB components
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