Das Spannringsystem

The Pull-ring System

Product overview Pull-ring system

QUICK CONNECT pull-rings
Pull-rings without sealant
Pull-rings with sealant
Pull-rings one-part with sealant
U-shaped seals
Earthing bridges without contact caps
Earthing bridges with contact caps

Pull-rings are used in conjunction with U-shaped seals to connect pipe components and pressed components with a 6 mm lip. The use of different U-shaped seal profiles enables the same pull-ring to be used with 1 to 2 mm thick pipe components and pressed components. To meet the different requirements of every system, JACOB offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging standard range which covers most requirements.

Our U-shaped seals combine an ideal profile with the perfect choice of materials.

The benefits:

  • Tear-resistant, compliant with food regulations (FOOD GRADE) and resistant to many aggressive chemicals thanks to vulcanisation
  • Maximum tightness through an ideal profile
  • Resistant to a broad range of substances due to large selection of materials available
  • Metal-detectable and FOOD GRADE thanks to special materials (DETECTABLE DESIGN line) 

The pull-ring system from JACOB

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