Pull-rings without sealant

Pull-rings without sealant
For U-shaped seals

Pull-rings without sealant

  • Pull-rings for use in conjunction with U-shaped seal for 1 and 2 mm pipework system
  • From DN 80 to 300 mm, shock explosion proof to 3 bar
  • Pull-ring for 3 mm wall thickness, in conjunction with U-shaped seal made of NBR or silicone for 2 mm pipework system

Diameters available
60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 150, 175, 200, 224, 250, 280, 300, 315, 350, 400 mm

Materials available
Galvanised & stainless steel


Diameter 450 to 630 mm is available upon request.

Highlights: The JACOB pull-ring system is very easy to assemble and gives the pipework system its high stability and leak-tightness due to its high-quality construction. Both pull-rings have been tested in conjunction with JACOB U-shaped seals. The air leakage per connection, measured at a differential pressure of 0.5 bar – e.g. with a diameter of 300 mm – is far below the admissible values of DIN EN 12237, class D.

Application: Up to a diameter of DN 300 mm, our pull-ring system with a U-shaped seal, if configured accordingly, is condensation leak-proof and so is ideal for applications such as extracting oil mist. As a rule, our pull-ring connections with a U-shaped seal can be used for conveying bulk goods and for ventilation systems at over-pressures of up to 50,000 Pa (500 mbar, 5,000 mm WG). Vacuum applications are possible on request, depending on the product selected.


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The Sealed Air Corporation
Case Study

The Sealed Air Corporation is specialised in packaging systems and product protection. Machines for cutting, welding or coating with a special anti-stick powder are particularly prone to generating industrial dust, which is extracted from work processes through a system of pipework. The pipework system was delivered by JACOB.

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