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Materials used in medical and hygienic applications must ensure the safety of the user. In particular, risk to health from disease must be eliminated wherever possible. For a safe and reliable solution to the transfer of dirty linen in a hygienic environment, GED Chutes relies on stainless steel pipework from JACOB for their laundry chute solutions.

The project

GED Chutes, leading suppliers of laundry and refuse chutes, were asked to design and install a secure laundry chute system for a medium sized hospital with approximately 500 beds and 300 employees, based in the south of England with an estimated core population of 350,000 people. The hospital delivers a full range of general acute services, including a 24/7 accident and emergency department, an intensive care unit, a maternity unit and a level II neonatal intensive care unit.

The unique aspect

The project brief was to design and install a laundry chute system for the hospitals dirty linen on a new ward. Specifically, three chutes were required for three different types of soiled linen which needed to be safely and efficiently removed from the hospital, without any risk of cross-contamination. Previously, soiled items would have been sorted by hand and transferred across the hospital before leaving the site via the lifts. The risk of contamination and potential transfer of disease to the staff and patients was very high.
The secure collection area is situated in a sensitive area with lots of pedestrian and vehicular activity. The installation had to be quickly done with no possibility for cutting or welding on site, or noise pollution, as the hospital is busy caring for many sick individuals. Therefore the fast installation friendly principle of QUICK CONNECT was requested by GED Chutes and approved by the hospital.

The challenge

Stainless steel pipes from JACOB are ideally suited to an application where moisture may be present. Their resistance to corrosion means they are the preferred choice for clean and sterile environments, wherever cleanliness is paramount. Pipe systems from JACOB are fully seam welded ensuring a smooth interior that linen will not snag on. The standard machine lipped ends and QUICK CONNECT pull-ring connection, combined with u seals, ensure a secure and tight connection that can quickly and safely be opened in the event of a blockage or need to modify the existing layout. As GED chutes are modular in design, they were able to select standard items to build an exact fit solution for the hospital.

The customer

GED Chutes specialise in the design, supply and installation of linen and refuse chutes across the UK, and export their systems internationally. Their laundry chutes are installed in residential houses, hotels, hospitals and warehouses. The additional bespoke refuse chute range is ideally suited to high rise apartment blocks, hospitals and warehouses.

Case Study: GED Chutes

JACOB pipe systems take less time to install than conventional systems.
Using the QUICK CONNECT pull-ring makes it even faster. This is a great advantage!

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JACOB sets standards in food safety. Our new FOOD GRADE line of products complies with both the European EC 1935/2004 regulations and the American FDA guidelines.

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Foreign particles in a product are not acceptable in many industry sectors. JACOB has succeeded in incorporating minuscule particles in the compound that the seals are made of.

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JACOB’s wear protection range extends the service life and in addition the cost-effectiveness of your industrial plants. Various polyurethane linings make the inside of the pipework sections resistant to hard and abrasive substances. 

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