Artisan Coffee Group

Artisan Coffee Group has manufactured, reconditioned, and installed roasters and afterburners for over 40 years. Working closely with our sister company, JACOB TUBING in the US, they use JACOB Pipework Systems as an integral part of their installation and maintenance service to new and existing customers, whether it is a new set up or modifications to a current system.

The project

Artisan Coffee Group uses JACOB components when installing and maintaining roasters and afterburners. Artisan Coffee Group recommends Jacob Pipework systems to all their customers and prospects. They are confident in Jacob products and especially emphasize the ease of cleaning and maintaining the roaster with the use of the QUICK CONNECT pull-rings. They also customise JACOB bends by fabricating an access hatch for cleaning, which eliminates the need to disassemble the pipework system. The expertise and decades of experience that Artisan Coffee Group has, combined with the trust they have for our products, emphasizes the reliability of JACOB Pipework Systems.

Artisan Coffee Group

Previously, Artisan Coffee Group would roll their own pipes for customers, but once they discovered JACOB Pipework, they never returned to their previous time consuming and costly method. They prefer Jacob because of the ease of installation and the lower weight of the pipes. In addition, once they switched to JACOB, it reduced the frequency of maintenance formerly required for the coffee roasters.

RoZark Hills Coffee Roastery

RoZark Hills is a Coffee Roastery in Rose Bud, Arkansas, for whom Artisan Coffee Group build and maintain their equipment. At RoZark Hills, Artisan Coffee Group supply customised JACOB Plexi Glass pipes that are longer, which allow them a clearer view of the coffee being transported to the de-stoner. In addition, JACOB 's QUICK CONNECT pull-rings make it easier for the employees at RoZark Hills to clean the roasters, ultimately to avoid fires and maintain hygiene.

The Company

Artisan Coffee Group is a Veteran Owned and Operated company. They offer unparalleled experience with Roaster Rebuilds, Roasting Plant Design & Install, Mechanical & Roasting Issues, UL Listed Controls, Destoners, Grinders, Green Loaders & Bucket Elevators, Scales, Conveyors, Plant Air Design, Product Handling and Product Movement.

Case Study: Artisan Coffee Group

JACOB pipe systems take less time to install than conventional systems.
Using the QUICK CONNECT pull-ring makes it even faster. This is a great advantage!

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JACOB sets standards in food safety. Our new FOOD GRADE line of products complies with both the European EC 1935/2004 regulations and the American FDA guidelines.

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Foreign particles in a product are not acceptable in many industry sectors. JACOB has succeeded in incorporating minuscule particles in the compound that the seals are made of.

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JACOB’s wear protection range extends the service life and in addition the cost-effectiveness of your industrial plants. Various polyurethane linings make the inside of the pipework sections resistant to hard and abrasive substances. 

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