A replacement nuclear ventilation system for the service block in Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power station, worth some €2.3 million, was installed by the company Nickel. The project was implemented using JACOB pipework and was completed by December 2022.

The project

The project involved the construction of a replacement nuclear ventilation system for the service block in Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power station. As part of the decommissioning operations for the nuclear power station (which ceased operating in 2015), it was necessary to create replacement systems which would allow existing systems to be dismantled. The replacement system is designed to operate for 10-15 years and was erected as a modular container-type build on the roof of the service block. The Jacob pipework used for this purpose will carry conditioned supply and exhaust air with a temperature of 22-24°C.

The implementation

The Jacob pipework used is installed outdoors and is therefore exposed to the elements. To increase its resistance to corrosive processes, it was decided to use stainless steel. Another reason for this choice of material lay in the decontaminability requirements that applied, and which galvanised materials are unable to meet. Pipework sizes of up to DN1250 were used for this project and were installed with loose flange connections with flat gaskets made of EPDM. The pipework layout comprised lengths of 1980mm and incorporated conventional press-formed components (90°,45°, 30°, 15° bends, T-pieces, Y-pieces, cones).

The unique aspect

The particular challenge that this project posed was constructing a ventilation system to meet the special nuclear power requirements set out in DIN 25496. One key aspect involved the “Nekal tightness” (or gas tightness) of the ventilation system to prevent carryover contamination by the potentially active exhaust air.

These enhanced tightness requirements for the ventilation duct were able to be tested in advance with the Jacob company by conducting field tests at the factory on a sample length of pipe. Jacob was also able to deliver the comprehensive documentation to accompany the production process (a compilation of preliminary test documents, material certificates and factory acceptance tests). Another reason why Nickel approached Jacob was the flexibility that the company offered in adapting its production processes, including for special press-formed parts.

The customer

Founded in 1896 in Oberdreisbach (Siegerland), the company Nickel Kraftwerk Service GmbH is a multifunctional service provider with a main focus on service & maintenance and plant engineering. Nickel strives to deliver perfect functionality and high operational security on a daily basis – just as in this project, where it is a service provider to PreussenElektra GmbH, a company with a long tradition and a commitment to providing a reliable supply of energy for nearly a century. With over 45 years’ experience in the construction and operation of nuclear power stations, it offers almost unrivalled expertise. Ensuring the safety of people and the environment is the utmost priority at all times.

Case Study: Nickel

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