Bühler & Rosenmühle

Ensuring maximum safety for man and machine means meeting ever higher requirements  regarding explosion protection. JACOB Pipework Systems and plant manufacturer Bühler have made it their joint mission to make mills as safe as possible. This is achieved using JACOB’s newly developed conductive wear protection. It was installed for the first time in Bavaria’s largest flour mill. 

The project

The Rosenmühle mill has been making flour from grain for decades. In one of the wheat mills, around 270 tonnes of wheat are processed every day. This makes the Rosenmühle one of the leading and most modern mills in the world. Bühler relies on JACOB’s modular pipework system to transport the wheat to the various grain processing machines. Various in-house technologies, such as the Bühler sorters and a permanent magnet, are used to remove any foreign bodies or impurities during the cleaning process. In this production phase, the grain is conveyed as pure bulk goods. 

The implementation

The pre-washed wheat is an abrasive material. For this reason, the pipework was equipped with DURABLE DESIGN wear protection, which extends the service life of the pipes. In the Rosenmühle, powder-coated pipe components with diameters from 150 to 300 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm were used. Thanks to the modular JACOB system, lined pipe components from the DURABLE DESIGN line can be easily installed using pull-rings and seals from the standard range. The individual components were connected using electro-galvanised pull-rings and conductive EPDM U-shaped seals. 

The unique aspect

In order to meet the customer’s requirement for the system to be as safe as possible, the risk of electrostatic charges building up must be reduced. Working in cooperation with other partners, the JACOB Group developed a conductive pipe system that meets all the applicable ATEX requirements. The “Kryptane blue” wear protection lining can be installed in a variety of pipe components from the JACOB range and is conductive in this combination.

This sophisticated new development is the first of its kind and its effectiveness has already been successfully tested by DEKRA. For distribution of the bulk material, pneumatic two-way valves with an inlet collar are used. These are also ATEX compliant according to Zone 22 and complement the conductive pipework system.

The company

The Bühler Group holds leading market positions worldwide in technology and methods of grain processing for flour, cereals and animal feed, as well as for the production of pasta and chocolate, in pressure casting, wet milling and surface coating. At its Braunschweig site, the company employs around 560 people. The focus is on the development, design and planning of grain processing plants for various industries. As experts in the field, they serve markets in Germany, Poland, Romania and the Baltic States and present their latest innovations in hygienic food processing in their own stainless-steel applications centre. The company is active in more than 140 countries and employs around 13,000 people worldwide.

Case Study: Bühler & Rosenmühle

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JACOB sets standards in food safety. Our new FOOD GRADE line of products complies with both the European EC 1935/2004 regulations and the American FDA guidelines.

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