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Press release – 25.05.2023

Innovative industry solutions by JACOB Pipework Systems

JACOB Pipework Systems, the market leader from Porta Westfalica, is extending its range of products and now offers more innovative solutions for the industry. The new products, developed in cooperation with Lufttechnik Gransee GmbH, are available as of now and give more options to manufacturers and plant contractors when planning industrial pipework systems.

In times of growing economic challenges, companies choose partners that offer them optimal solutions both in terms of service and product. In addition to a comprehensive and constantly increasing range of digital services, JACOB Pipework Systems continues to develop innovative products.

This year, JACOB introduces several new innovations to the market. These were developed over the recent years and have been carefully optimised by the experienced development teams of JACOB in cooperation with the company’s subsidiary, Lufttechnik Gransee.

The BFM® Compensator
JACOB and BFM®  – now available in modular form! In pipework systems, it is often necessary to dampen oscillations and vibrations or to uncouple individual parts of a system. To obtain the best possible performance, JACOB and BFM ® have
combined their respective systems into one product.
The BFM ® spigot is now available from JACOB with a 6 mm lip. This component allows users to optimally combine the modular BFM ® compensator, which consists of two spigots and one connector, with JACOB’s recognised pull-ring system. The connector is made from particularly resistant polyurethane and can be mounted without tools. The BFM ® system can therefore be integrated in a modular pipework system without requiring any welding work.

The BFM® compensator meets the requirements of the CE 1935/2004 standard and the FDA, and is therefore suitable for use in the most demanding industries, such as the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

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The magnetic separator
The Magnetic Separator removes ferrous impurities quickly and easily from free-flowing bulk materials and exhaust air with low delivery pressure. It has a compact and sturdy build that comprises of several rod magnets in a protective stainless-steel casing. Depending on the diameter, up to nine neodymium rod magnets remove even the smallest ferrous particles from bulk materials and exhaust air.

JACOB’s Magnetic Separator can be used in all industries that require removal of ferrous metals from the product flow. For example, it can be used for the protection of downstream machines, such as in plant engineering or the plastics industry, or for the safe production of food products, such as flour or sugar.

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The JacBox
Mobile flanging – flexible and simple. With the JacBox at your disposal, plant manufacturers now have a professional mobile solution that allows them to quickly and easily produce lipped ends on site, and to JACOB’s usual high quality standard. The JacBox weighs just 80 kg in total, which is only one tenth of the weight of a conventional flanging machine. Motor and gearbox can be decoupled from the machine, allowing a person to transport the JacBox on its transport wheels.

There is no need to retool the mobile flanging machine in order to work on different types of pipes. Pipes with diameters from 80 to 315 mm can be flanged without any problems. The permissible wall thickness is up to 2 mm for standard steel pipes, and up to 1.5 mm for stainless steel. No acquisition costs – the JacBox can be rented and operated via a conventional household socket with a supply voltage of 230V.

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The horizontal cyclone
JACOB’s patented Horizontal Cyclone is a compact solution for separating particles that can be mounted in any pipework system. Its design makes it easy to integrate in a straight pipe run. Unlike vertical centrifugal separators, the Horizontal Cyclone is particularly space-saving and the ideal option for those needing to retrofit a cyclone. The modular system allows seamless integration of the Horizontal Cyclone into an existing system.

As a pre-filter, it cleans the air of dust particles, for example, and thus extends the life of filter systems. It can also be used to remove large, low-density particles, such as in the medical industry.

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„Our new product series once again underscores the innovative power of the JACOB Group. We are already working on other new sector-specific solutions, which will be available to our customers in various industries in the near future.“
Kai Gradert
Head of Group Innovations & Engineering at JACOB
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