BFM Compensator

BFM Compensator

BFM Compensator

  • Easy connection with the JACOB pull-ring system
  • Food-grade standard, to FDA and EC 1935/2004
  • Each BFM compensator comprises one connector and two spigots. The components must be ordered separately.
  • Recommendation for static applications and slight vibration: A (distance between the spigots) is ideally the length L of the connector -10 mm

Diameters available
100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 mm

83 mm long with 6 mm lip for pull ring connection, stainless steel 304L

Wall thickness
DN 100 mm: 1.5 mm, DN 150 mm and larger: 2 mm

Pipe fittings
Type Seeflex 040E, thermoplastic ether-based polyurethane coating, wall thickness: 0.9 mm

Other lengths, diameters and materials available on request.

BFM Compensator with JACOB lip

To absorb vibrations and oscillations in pipework systems and to decouple individual parts of a system from each other, the BFM compensator is available. In order to achieve the best possible performance, JACOB and BFM® have combined their respective systems in one product: The BFM® compensator is now available from JACOB with a 6 mm lip. In this way, the modular BFM® expansion joint, which consists of two sleeves and a connector, can be optimally combined with JACOB's proven pull-ring system. The connector is made of particularly resistant polyurethane and can be installed without tools. Overall, the BFM® system can be integrated into a modular pipework system without welding. Like the JACOB FOOD GRADE range, the BFM connector system meets the requirements of the FDA and EG 1935/2004, making the products suitable for use in industries with the most stringent requirements, such as the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

  • FOOD GRADE: EC 1935/2004 plus FDA. Furthermore, thanks to the special design of the compensator, there are no corners in which food can be caught.
  • Temperature resistance: -25 to 110°C
  • Each compensator comprises two spigots and one connector
  • Spigot: 83 mm long with 6 mm lip for pull-ring connection, stainless steel 304 L
  • Stainless steel 316L available on request
  • Connector: Seeflex 040 E model, thermoplastic ether-based polyurethane coating, wall thickness: 0.9 mm
  • Quick assembly and disassembly for maintenance and cleaning


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