Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

  • Strong magnets with 10,000 G, neodymium magnet N35
  • Improved food safety
  • Comprises several rod magnets in a protective stainless-steel casing, a T-piece and a pull-ring connection with a DETECTABLE DESIGN seal

Diameters available
100, 150, 200, 250, 300 mm

Material T-piece
1,5 mm V2A

Other diameters available on request.

The safe solution for removing ferrous impurities

The JACOB magnetic separator removes metallic components from free-flowing bulk materials and exhaust air. Due to its strong magnets, all ferrous contaminants are collected at the magnetic separator. By pulling out the separator and then removing the magnets, the metallic contaminants can be easily removed from the system. This protects downstream machinery from the particles, for example in plant engineering.

Clever Design

  • Strong magnets – up to nine neodymium tubes separate even the smallest ferrous particles from bulk and exhaust air. Max. magnetic induction (G) – on the surface of tube (+/-10%): 10.000 Gaus.
  • Compact and robust – consisting of multiple magnetic tubes that are protected by a stainless-steel cover, a T-piece and a pull-ring connection with a detectable design seal.
  • Easy to clean – pull the separator from the pipework system, remove the magnets from the cover, and all ferrous pieces and particles will simply fall off the cover surface.
  • Increased food safety – combine the magnetic separator with sealings from the JACOB DETECTABLE DESIGN line.

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