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Installation instructions of pull-ring connections

Pull-rings are used in conjunction with U-shaped seals to connect pipe components and pressed components with a 6 mm lip. The use of different U-shaped seal profiles enables the same pull-ring to be used with 1 to 2 mm thick pipe components and pressed components.

To meet the different requirements of every system, JACOB offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging standard range which covers most requirements.

U-shaped seals


QUICK CONNECT pull-rings
Pull-rings without sealant

General installation information on creating leak-proof connections

  • Repair damaged lipped ends (align)
  • Eliminate any unevenness from the lipped end
  • Assemble the pipework tension-free
  • Ensure when fitting the pull-ring that the U-shaped seal does not form any loops
  • Support horizontal pipework roughly every 4 metres. If there are several short pipe components in the pipeline, the interval between supports should be reduced
  • Attach branch pipes so that they do not generate any tension in the main pipeline
  • Tighten the bolts of two-part pull-rings evenly on both sides
  • Re-tighten the pull-rings after 24 hours to ensure they are as leak-proof as possible

Note: To connect JACOB pipe components with a 6 mm lip. A U-shaped seal and a pull-ring are needed for each connection. You need a 6 mm hexagon cap screwdriver to mount the pull-rings.

Step 1

Attach a U-shaped seal over one of the lipped pipe ends.

  • The U-shaped seal must be slightly stretched to enable it to be attached
  • The profiled side must face the pipe component that is being connected

Step 2

Position the connecting pipe and slide one pull-ring half over the lipped pipe end.


First, attach the pull-ring half without the toggle clip

Two-part pull-ring

We recommend separating the two halves of the pull-ring beforehand

Ensure that the pipe components are properly aligned and the U-shaped seal is in the right position.

Note: We recommend that when fitting horizontal pipelines where condensate occurs, any points at which the U-shaped seal is glued should be positioned on top, and the connecting points of the pull-ring halves are horizontal. This ensures the maximum possible tightness at the lowest point of the connection.

Step 3

Press the second pull-ring half onto the lipped pipe ends.

N.B.: When closing the pull-ring, the U-shaped seal must not form any loops.


  • Place the clasp over the closing hook and close the clip
  • To prevent the connection from loosening accidentally (such as due to vibration) tighten the bolt with a 10 Nm torque on the mounting face

Two-part pull-ring

  • Tighten the bolts evenly with a torque of 10 Nm

N.B.: A bolt tightening torque of 10 Nm is necessary for the QUICK CONNECT pull-ring, or 25 Nm for the two-part pull-ring, for shock explosion proof connection of up to 3 bar over-pressure.

Installation of pull-ring connections with a u-shaped seal
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