Two-way distributors 60°, symmetrical, fitted with pneumatic rotary actuator

Two-way distributors 60°, symmetrical, fitted with pneumatic rotary actuator
  • Press formed and fully seam welded, this valve is pneumatically operated by means of an Air Torque rotary actuator. Ideally used within vertical bulk goods pipelines conveying free flowing non glutinous, granular product and for ventilation plants
  • Control with 5/2-way solenoid valve (2-coil) and 2 limit switches
  • Completely wired in limit switch box
  • Other rotary actuators are available
  • Shaft and inner flap with seal
  • DN >300 mm with welded flanges

Diameters available
100, 120, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630 mm

Materials available
Powder coated & stainless steel

Thickness available
2 mm

JACOB two-way diverters: JACOB has various types of two-way diverters available to meet your requirements: From bulk goods conveying by gravity to pneumatic low pressure conveying, JACOB has just the right solution in its portfolio for distributing your product. 


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Case Study

Cramer-Mühle KG in Schweinfurt invested in the extension of its production line. For the transport of grain and flour as well as the extraction of dusts, the company employed the reliable modular pipework system of JACOB.

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