Cleaning pipes

Cleaning pipes

Cleaning pipes

  • Fully seam welded pipe with lipped ends, complete with a hinged access door for cleaning and inspection of pipework systems
  • Galvanised and powder-coated in standard range with EPDM (sponge rubber) seal
  • Stainless steel with foam silicone seal
  • Other materials available on request
  • Not recommended for extracting exhaust air containing condensates

Diameters available
220, 224, 250, 280, 300, 315, 350, 400, 450, 500, 560, 630 mm

Materials available
Powder coated, hot-dip galvanised & stainless steel

Thickness available
1.5 mm & 2 mm


Powder coated / hot-dip version have a seal made from NBR, temperature resistant between -20° and +100°C. Food Grade standard , in acc. With 1935/2004 EC. Stainless Steel version has a seal made from silicone. Temperature resistant between - 60°C and +250°C, food grade standard in acc. with 1935/2004 EC And FDA.

JACOB Inspection pipe components

Control is better: Inspection pipe components allow you to keep an eye on the inside of your JACOB pipework system too. Special pipe components provide unhindered access and let you carry out inspections, maintenance and cleaning without having to dismantle the complete surrounding area. Like all other pipework elements, the inspection pipe components are manufactured to the same high JACOB standard of quality.


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Case Study

Cramer-Mühle KG in Schweinfurt invested in the extension of its production line. For the transport of grain and flour as well as the extraction of dusts, the company employed the reliable modular pipework system of JACOB.

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Cramer-Mühle KG
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