To prevent damage due to corrosion in mild steel, our components are protected to enable them to withstand the general ambient conditions. JACOB has different product groups available for the mild steel modular tubing system: powder-coated, spray primed or galvanized components.

Corrosion protection through powder-coating or spray priming


  • Pretreatment: Thin film iron phosphate coating
  • Powder coating primer from ND 2¼" to 25"
  • Glossy (gloss level 70 – 90, 60° measuring angle)
  • Smooth polyester resin binder-based powder coating
  • Its constituents comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements of regulation 21 CFR 175.300 for direct contact with food
  • Temperature resistance: from -76 F to +248 F
  • Electrostatically conductive
  • Color similar to RAL 7032 (pebble gray)
  • Coating thickness on the outside: average layer thickness 55 µm
  • Coating thickness on the inside: optically covered as temporary corrosion protection

Priming (spray painted):

  • Generally used with tubing >ND25"
  • Inner and outer priming
  • Coating thickness: average layer thickness 45 µm
  • Color similar to RAL 7032 (pebble gray)
  • Inside and outside optically covered as temporary corrosion protection

More colors:

  • Choose from more than 3,000 color and effect variations
  • Final outside painting of tubing components and pressed components in a coating thickness of approx. 80 µm


  • Structured coatings and high-gloss effects
  • UV protection
  • Inside of components free from overspray available at additional cost

Corrosion protection through hot-dip galvanization

  • Tubing components described as “galvanized” are all hot-dip galvanized
  • Hot-dip galvanizing to DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Average layer thicknesses (minimum values) depend on the thickness of the steel:
    • <16 gauge:            45 µm
    • ≥16 to ≤11 gauge: 55 µm
    • ≥11 to ≤2 gauge:   70 µm
  • Temperature-resistant to 248°F
  • During hot-dip galvanization, irregularities may occur in the color and structure of the surface

Corrosion protection through electro galvanization

  • E.g. for pull rings, air regulators, ball joints and other accessories
  • Galvanization according to DIN EN ISO 19598 (Fe//Zn8//An//T0) colorless to iridescent color
  • Layer thickness approx. 10 µm
  • Temperature-resistant to 248°F
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