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Jacob Tubing LP was established in 1998. The North American Headquarters of the JACOB Group is based in Memphis, Tennessee, where it is centrally located in a region well known for nationwide and international distribution.

Jacob Tubing started with 3 full-time employees as a sales and distribution office with a warehouse covering approximately 1,200 square metres. From this location, Jacob Tubing has operated as a distribution centre for North, Central, and South America.

In the beginning, Jacob Tubing was purely a sales and distribution facility. In 2007, it started manufacturing products. Over the years, the company has added an engineering team, valve assembly work stations, and a marketing department. Jacob Tubing continuously expands its manufacturing capabilities to increase the types and quantities of products that can then be sold directly on the US market.

Jacob Tubing has built a reputation for high quality, robust products, and good service. The team strives to provide the customer with excellent customer service based on superior products, engineering services, webshop access, and extended office opening hours.

Jacob Tubing has grown over the years and now has 30 employees and a warehouse capacity of 5,000 square metres. By expanding its facilities, Jacob Tubing is now able to maintain a high volume of inventory of both finished goods and raw materials. Thanks to substantial investments in the production facility, the company is now able to produce approximately 40 percent of the JACOB product range. This makes it possible for Jacob Tubing to reduce lead times on Jacob products and provide even better customer service.

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Allison Roth
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