Press-formed parts

Press-formed parts

We navigate your conveying medium - a large selection for individual requirements

Press formed parts from JACOB provide the necessary flexibility for your pipework system, to be able to integrate it seamlessly into your system.

Thanks to our diverse selection of direction-changing elements, such as pipe bends and segments, you can guarantee an optimum product flow in your pipe system. And perfect flow properties pay off. They reduce the flow resistance in your pipe system and significantly reduce the wear and tear on the pipe elements.

Branch pieces from JACOB, such as forks, conical forks and T-pieces, turn a simple pipe into a complex pipe system.

With our branch pieces you can adapt your pipe system individually and precisely to your requirements.

In addition to industrial scale production, we also offer precise customised and small-scale production. We can therefore manufacture your own individual branch piece – from a wide range of special colours as well as with different flanges, special lengths and individual angles.

Press formed parts from JACOB are perfect for extraction and exhaust air

Space-saving solutions

JACOB offers bends for restricted spaces with a radius of R =1D up to drawn bends with a large radius.

Electrostatically conductive

We offer various solutions to ensure conductivity for the entire pipework system including conductive EPDM U-shaped seal.

Resistant materials

Thanks to a large selection of sealing materials with different resistances even highly aggressive substances can be extracted.

Maximum flexibility

Great variety of direction-changing elements ensure ideal product flow and thus better extraction performance.


Less flow resistance and wear and tear through availability of branch pieces with different designs and diameters.

Great tightness

Our pull-ring system with u-shaped seal provides minimum leakage enables not only dust extraction, but also condensate extraction.

Our products fit for various areas of application

  • Degreasing systems
  • Oil mist
  • Welding fumes
  • Grind dusts
  • Solvent recovery
Food, beverage and tobacco
  • Dusts
  • Fumes
Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics
  • Dusts
  • Lacquers
  • Fumes

What do I have to consider when choosing products?

What materials, goods or residues should be extracted?
Important when selecting the materials of components, e.g. U-shaped seals or pipe elements.

What environment are we working in?
The choice of material depends on the ambient temperature and the installation location (indoor or outdoor).

Which regulations do you have to comply to?
JACOB offers products for sensitive goods, e.g. food or pharmaceuticals.

What pressure is used for extraction?
Depending on the pressure you have to consider another wall thickness.

How much volume has to be conveyed?
The extraction volume influences the diameter and indirectly also the type of connection.

Dust Extraction and Exhaust Air

The extraction of dust, oil mist or fumes demands a reliable pipe system. JACOB's products are condensate leak-proof and of outstanding quality. That makes them the perfect choice for your extraction system.

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Case Study

When cooling in the metal-cutting production process, mist, fumes and smoke are generated. The pipework system from JACOB was used both for the exhaust air duct within the machine and for the piping from the machine to the filter.

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Press formed parts in our product section

Product information about our bends and segments as well as branch pieces are available in our product section.

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