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You specify the period for which you need the JacBox. The JacBox is available for permanent or short-term use.

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Renting instead of buying saves money and frees up storage space.

Comprehensive service
Should a problem arise, you will receive a replacement immediately and our specialist staff are always available online to answer any questions you may have.

Please note: The JacBox is currently not available for the UK market – please contact us to register your interest or for any question regarding this product.

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Would you want someone to attack your pipe with a hammer just because it is too long? We certainly do not want that. Neither for our pipes, nor for any others, because pipes are far too sensitive for this. Cutting the pipes to length with an angle grinder and flanging them using files, hammers or heavy machinery would also take far too long. But what do you do if you need to cut pipes to the right length on the construction site? With the JacBox at your disposal, you now have a professional mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily produce lip edges on site, and to JACOB's usual high quality standard.

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