The project

For Südzucker, JACOB has worked in collaboration with its distributor, mill and silo construction specialist Kastenmüller, to develop a custom permanent distribution system. The task: Distributing granulated sugar that is moved through a screw conveyor evenly across the twelve outlets on a sifting machine. Every conveying lane must offer the option to be switched off separately and the system interior approved for ATEX zone 20. All components have to meet the specifications of EC 1935/2004 regulations as well as American FDA food standards. Seals must be detectable by metal detectors to ensure absolute product purity.

The implementation

A screw conveyor transports granulated sugar to a JACOB metering distributor that dispenses the sugar evenly across twelve outlets with a diameter of 300 mm leading to a sifting machine. At each outlet, JACOB design engineers installed a pneumatic regulator gate, which can be used to cut off the sugar flow. The order comprised a total of two metering distributors with regulator gates and a pipework system. All components (metering distributors, regulator gates, segments and seals) come from the JACOB FOOD GRADE range and DETECTABLE DESIGN line.

The unique aspect

Due to use in the food sector, only products from the FOOD GRADE line, which includes the DETECTABLE DESIGN line, were used. In this market segment, it is the first product family to comply with both the strict European Regulation EC 1935/2004 and American FDA food standards. As a modular pipework system, the JACOB FOOD GRADE line features over 3,000 products. The piping is made of high-quality V2A stainless steel, while the sealing materials consist of silicone that can be detected by metal detectors.

Each individual product component – from the steel, to the adhesive through to the sealing materials and screws – was inspected right down to the last detail. The blue U-shaped seal which was used between the piping components in this product does not belong to the FOOD GRADE line, but to our new DETECTABLE DESIGN line. It consists of silicone, which we have fused with miniscule metallic particles, rendering it detectable by metal detectors. Should a ring or just parts of one find their way into production, these foreign bodies can be eliminated reliably.

The company

The company Südzucker operates with multiple locations in Germany. The Plattling factory, commissioned in 1961, is one of the largest sugar factories within the country. Within a season, the 180 to 200 employees at the Plattling location process around 16,000 tonnes of beets per day. Südzucker has always been a pioneer in state-of-the-art technologies, so it’s hardly surprising that Südzucker relies on JACOB FOOD GRADE and JACOB DETECTABLE DESIGN to ensure maximum product purity and quality for its customers.

Case Study: Südzucker

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